27 comments on “Build: Yokomo DRB Red/Silver

  1. These aren’t available anymore in this colour. The blue version and the newer Yokomo DRB Hyper are only available from Japan. Would be about 750$ shipped to get one. Thats just the chassis, no wheels, shell or electronics.

  2. Yeah, there’s the old ‘normal type’ DRB like mine and the new Hyper SSG DRB, which has silver surface carbon and a new type motormount. As the price isn’t much different from the old one I’d recommend you get the new Hyper version 🙂

  3. im looking on buying a body for my car and im looking for a infinity body its really hard to find can anyone help me?

  4. Pandora makes a G35 shell. Its just released so might not yet be available in the webshops but i’m sure it will be soon. Check out RCmart and Banzaihobby, they stock Pandora shells.

  5. euro’s: you can just calculate what it is in dollars… try google for once

    G37: there are no G37 bodyshells. Just the G35

    Rims: I use all kind of wheels. Mostly 12mm wheels from Yokomo, but I have many many others.

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