3 comments on “Build: 3Racing Sakura D3 – Part 1

  1. Nice job! I’ve been wanting to do the same but did not like the rear batter placement or servo location. Have you tried any alternate positions for them? How did it end up handling?

  2. Saw this last night and I am wondering about a follow up on this build? Please update whether your efforts were worth it or not for fwd class! Seems like a fun build either way 😀

    • Hi LemonC, this car is still going. I am using it almost every week at my local racing club on a carpet circuit. It is still outrunning all the FF03’s on our track, which was my goal. It might not be the fastest FF chassis available, but as a clubracer on a low budget it is a fun car!

      I did have some problems with the driveline in the beginning. I was wearing out the front belt and centre pulley pretty quickly and my gearing was off even though I was using a tiny tiny spurgear and a massive pinion. I swapped out the stock 13t centrepulley for an aluminium upgrade from 3Racing themselfs in 14t size, and swapped out the pulley (housing) of my geardiff for a 37t (I was using 38t). This put my gearing in the right direction, slowed down the RPMs on the centreshaft and so far I haven’t worn out a belt. I fixed it a year ago I think, so I can safely say it is reliable now. I haven’t broken anything else so far and I crashed it very hard a couple of times. I am really happy with how this car turned out and I can highly recommend you build one too if you think FWD class would be fun.

      Send me a message on our facebook page if you want to know more about it 😉

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